Now you can help us by promoting your own campaigns: bazaars, dinners, lunches, fundraising or online donations are good examples of how you can help Missão África to afford our projects. Do you want to know how? We explain:

1. Define your event: will it be online or will it be an event in your city? Fundraising or bazaar? Is it lunch or dinner? You can raise donations in many different ways!

2. We can also provide Missão Africa pamphlets and posters to assist the decoration of your event, in case you need them. Please contact us by email ( so we can send the material.

3. After the event: click here, go to “donate” and tell us the amount of money collected and choose the most convenient payment method for you. Doing this, you will help Missão Africa to support projects such as our schools and the Nutrition Center in Mozambique!